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Denver Gold Forum 2013

The Denver Gold Forum 2013 event has concluded.

Information about the event is available below.


Founding Editor, the New York Sun

Seth Lipsky

Founding Editor, the New York Sun
Monday, Sep 23 12:20 PM
Capitol Ballroom, Fourth Floor
Mainstreaming the Gold Standard

There’s a growing realization that America’s system of fiat money is part of the economic problem… Washington seems to be coming alive to the Gold Standard as a centrist position amongst several proposals to restore gold to a deliberate monetary role.

Editor-At-Large, the American Interest

Walter Mead

Editor-At-Large, the American Interest
Tuesday, Sep 24 12:20 PM
Capitol Ballroom, Fourth Floor
Challenging the US Dollar as Reserve Currency

Other countries want the prestige and benefits of the dollar’s status as international reserve currency, but they are finding out that these benefits come with costs as well… For the foreseeable future, at least, the international currency will be green, not red.


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