Gold Forum Americas / XPL-DEV 2021

Gold Forum 2021 in the shadow of the pandemic

Denver Gold Group proceeds with Gold Forum Americas / XPL-DEV 2021 as a hybrid virtual and in-person event.

Each year, we look forward to re-engaging with all Denver Gold Group’s stakeholders in person at Gold Forum Americas / XPL-DEV.  Following the conversion of last year’s event to a virtual-only affair, the 2021 Gold Forum will be a hybrid event combining virtual and in-person options. The hybrid event will focus on 1×1 meetings with a program of live and on-demand presentations from companies and keynote speakers.

  1. Denver Gold Group will conform COVID-19 mitigation requirements to state, county, and local authorities (whichever has primary jurisdiction at the time).
  2. Individuals who are not at high risk from COVID-19 infection are invited to attend the 2021 event in person.
    1. Attendees must sign a waiver releasing Denver Gold Group and the Broadmoor from any liability in the event COVID-19 is contracted whilst at the Gold Forum.
    2. Attendees must have independent health and travel insurance tailored to planning for potential quarantine in the event that they test positive for COVID-19 whilst at the Gold Forum.
  3. All on-site attendees will be required to complete COVID-19 screening before being allowed to access the Gold Forum precincts.
    1.  As part of the screening, on-site attendees will be required to present proof of a negative COVID-19 test OR a  positive COVID-19 antibody test. Either test must be less than 72 hours old.
    2. Denver Gold Group will offer rapid testing ($125 per test) at the Broadmoor through an accredited service provider for attendees arriving without a test. The tests should be accepted by airlines and customs officials for international travel.
    3. Vaccination certificates will not be accepted as substitutes for tests since authorities have determined that vaccines do not prevent contracting COVID-19, only mitigating its effects.
    4. If an attendee tests positive for COVID-19:
      1. They will not be allowed to enter the precincts of the event until a negative test is achieved. Attendees may repeat tests after 1 hour if there is a presumption of a false-positive result.
      2. A confirmed positive case may require confinement to a location at the Broadmoor Resort if the attendee does not have alternative arrangements planned.
  4. Attendees will be provided with a visible social distancing indicator to attach to their badges/lanyards to signal to other attendees what types of personal interactions they are comfortable with.
  5. The Broadmoor Resort recently announced that it has been added to Colorado’s “5 Star State Certification Program” for enhanced COVID-19 mitigation measures.  The Broadmoor is one of only five properties in the entire state to achieve certification, which allows it to execute events at room capacities of 50% and up to 2,000 attendees. This effectively affirms that the Gold Forum can proceed at nearly full capacity with over 200,000 square feet of event space at DGG’s disposal.
  6. DGG understands and is closely tracking the high level of uncertainty about cross-border regulations, travel screening protocols, and corporate restrictions. We will communicate updates about the event as necessary and are optimistic about the rapid improvements in Colorado.

Broadmoor Hotel Reservations Now Open

  1. Date-of-payment and/or registration will be used to determine the allocation of hotel rooms and on-site participation if a limit is placed on the maximum number of attendees allowed on site by health authorities.
    1. Allocation of places will be on a strictly last-in-first-out basis.
  2. Any event fees are subject to the standard terms and conditions for refunds per your registration confirmation.
  3. Hotel reservations must be canceled 72-hours before the first night booked to avoid charges if you decide to no longer attend in-person. DGG is unable to cancel reservations on your behalf.
  4. Attendees must be registered for the event using the unique hotel reservation code supplied with each registration confirmation (via e-mail or on-screen).
  5. Rooms reserved with invalid codes may be canceled by the hotel without notice.
  6. Rooms cannot be reserved in bulk; each room must be reserved independently.
  7. Minimum two-night stay per reservation.

Participating Companies

Please don’t hesitate to contact Denver Gold Group if you have any questions about this year’s hybrid event.