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Denver Gold Forum 2012

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Global Strategist and New York Times Bestselling Author

Thomas P.M. Barnett

Global Strategist and New York Times Bestselling Author
Dollar Decline and Geo-financial Grand Strategy

Thomas P.M. Barnett has worked in US national security circles since the end of the Cold War, starting first with the Department of Navy’s premier think tank, the Center for Naval Analyses. From there he moved to serve as a senior researcher and professor at the Naval War College in Newport RI, where he became a top assistant to Vice Admiral Arthur Cebrowksi – the father of “network-centric warfare.” After 9/11, Barnett served in Cebrowski’s Office of Force Transformation in the Office of the Secretary of Defense as the Assistant for Strategic Futures. He developed a famous PowerPoint brief on the subject of globalization and international security, which later morphed into a New York Times-bestseling book, “The Pentagon’s New Map: War and Peace in the Twenty-First Century” (2004). Since leaving government service in 2005, Dr. Barnett has amassed a number of duties in the private sector:

  • Running his own consultancy, Barnett Consulting LLP;
  • Acting as chief analyst for the online strategic community & “massively multiplayer consultancy” Wikistrat Ltd.;
  • Writing as contributing editor for Esquire magazine and posting to its The Politics Blog;
  • Writing his own blog (“Thomas P.M. Barnett’s Globlogization”) and a weekly column for World Politics Review (“The New Rules”);
  • Contributing to Time’s Battleland blog;
  • Working as senior consultant to the political-risk firm Eurasia Group and as a part-time analyst at the Center for Naval Analyses; and
  • Serving as Executive Vice President of the New York- and Beijing-based Center for America-China Partnership.

Barnett completed his “Pentagon’s New Map” trilogy with the volumes, “Blueprint for Action: A Future Worth Creating” (2005), and “Great Powers: America and the World After Bush” (2009). Dr. Barnett holds a PhD in political science from Harvard University. He is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, and travels the world giving speeches and conducting his strategy work with both private- and public-sector enterprises.

Monday, Sep 10 12:20 PM
Centennial Ballroom F-H, Third Floor
Chairman, Franco-Nevada Corporation

Pierre Lassonde

Chairman, Franco-Nevada Corporation
The State of the Gold Bull Market

It was the Best of Times,
It was the Worst of Times.
– Charles Dickens

In the last 10 years gold equities, as represented by the XAU, have gone up 250%. However gold bullion has outshined the equities being up over 500%.

Investors’ disappointment and downright disillusionment is seen in the lowest valuations ever for equities.

From the lack of meaningful discoveries, to low grading, to an ever lengthening schedule to production, to the increasing risks brought by resource nationalism, the challenges faced by the producers are not likely to go away soon.

On the other hand, the Demand side of Gold has never been more robust. China and India have over the last 10 years doubled their share of the gold market from 23% to 47%. Central banks have turned net buyers from a 20 year selling spree.  Investment gold stock is closing in on $2 tr of which gold ETFs represent 8% from nothing in 2004.

Are these trends sustainable or are we there yet?

Monday, Sep 10 1:40 PM
Centennial Ballroom D & E
About Pierre Lassonde

Pierre graduated with a BA. University of Montreal 1967, BSc. Polytechnique 1971, MBA, University of Utah 1973, PEng Ont 1976 and CFA, University of Virginia, 1984.

In l980, he began ten years as president of the gold division of Beutel, Goodman & Company, directing its highly successful gold investment fund. Pierre co-founded Franco-Nevada Mining Corporation with Seymour Schulich in 1982 and over a 20 year period provided shareholders with a 36% annualized rate of return. He became post-merger president of Newmont Mining Corporation in 2002 – the world’s largest gold producer. From January to November 2007 Pierre was vice chairman of Newmont Mining Corporation. In November 2007, Pierre became chairman of Franco-Nevada Corporation. Pierre served as chairman of the World Gold Council, April 2005 – 2009. He is Chairman of the Quebec National Art Museum, 2005- present.


  • Mining Men of the Year, with his business partner, by the Northern Miner (l997).
  • Mining Developer of the Year, along with his business partner, from the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (l999).
  • Engineering Medal, Entrepreneurship, PEO (1999).
  • Hall of Fame, David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah (2001) following an award as Distinguished Alumnus in 1999.
  • Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy’s Inco Medal (2001).
  • Honorary Doctor of Engineering, University of Toronto (2001).
  • Honorary Doctor of Engineering, University of Montreal (2002).
  • Order of Canada (2003).
  • Professional Engineers Ontario Gold Medal (2004).
  • Inducted into the American Mining Hall of Fame (2005).
  • Honorary Doctor of Business, University of Utah (2006).
  • Honorary Doctor of Engineering, University of Ryerson (2006)
  • CIM Robert Elver Mineral Economics Award (2011).
  • Award for Outstanding Philanthropist by the Association of Fund Raising Professionals, Quebec Chapter, Nov 15, 2011. CIM Robert Elver Mineral Economics Award (2011).

Pierre Lassonde is also the author of The Gold Book, The Complete Investment Guide to Precious Metals. His views are widely respected.

BMO Financial Group, Coxe Advisors LLP

Don Coxe

BMO Financial Group, Coxe Advisors LLP
The Case for Gold Equities

Don Coxe has more than 39 years of institutional investment experience in Canada and the US. He is Strategy Advisor to BMO Financial Group. His investment journal, Basic Points, published since 1992, and his conference calls are distributed exclusively for their clients in North America, Europe and Asia.

From his office in Chicago, Mr. Coxe heads up the Global Commodity Strategy investment management team – a collaboration of Coxe Advisors and Harris Investments – to create and market commodity-oriented solutions for investors. He is advisor to the Coxe Commodity Strategy Fund and the Coxe Global Agribusiness Income Fund in Canada, and the Virtus Global Commodity Stock fund in the US.

Mr. Coxe has consistently been named as a top portfolio strategist by Brendan Wood International; in 2011, he was awarded a lifetime achievement award and he was ranked number one in the 2007, 2008 and 2009 surveys. Mr. Coxe maintains a highly visible presence in the business community as an advisor to Boards, and speaker for business conferences and industry events.

Mr. Coxe was appointed to the Board of Spanish Mountain Gold (TSX:SPA) in September 2011. He has been an Advisory Board member of Genagro Ltd. (a firm investing in farmland and farming-related businesses) since 2008.

Prior to entering the investment advisor business, Mr. Coxe served as associate editor of National Review magazine in New York; practiced law in Toronto; was general manager of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture; and served as General Counsel of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture.

Tuesday, Sep 11 7:45 AM
Centennial Ballroom D & E
American Business Editor and New York Bureau Chief, The Economist

Matthew Bishop

American Business Editor and New York Bureau Chief, The Economist
Gold, Money and the Economy

There have been few better performing investments in the past decade than gold, which as recently as the end of the 1990s was being dismissed as a historic relic by many experts. Despite its extraordinary performance, some critics still believe that taking an interest in gold is evidence of craziness or being very right wing, but in an entertaining and insightful talk Matthew Bishop explains that everyone should take gold seriously, because of what its price tells us about subjects such as the health of the economy, the outlook for inflation, the priorities and competence of government, and the prospects for paper currencies such as the dollar. Drawing on his book, “In Gold We Trust? The Future of Money In An Age of Uncertainty”, which is full of fascinating historical detail about gold and the evolution of today’s money, he explains what the current gold price reveals about the future of the economy, and what is likely to happen to gold and other investments in future.

Tuesday, Sep 11 12:35 PM
Centennial Ballroom F-H, Third Floor
About Matthew Bishop

Matthew Bishop, the American business editor and New York Bureau chief for The Economist, possesses a breadth of knowledge on financial trends that is second to none. A native of Great Britain, he was previously the magazine’s London-based business editor. With the enviable ability to clearly explain the historical context behind our current fiscal challenges and the steps the country should take to avoid a future collapse, Bishop has been praised as a rising star in the finance world and was named to the Power 100 List of executives who have made a difference in the finance industry. Frequently interviewed on media outlets like NPR, BBC, CNBC, MSNBC, and PBS, Matthew Bishop presents sharp analysis of the state of the global economy and a lucid and rational plan for future change. He is exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau.

Acclaimed Authorships. Bishop is the co-author, with Michael Green, of The Road From Ruin: How to Revive Capitalism and Put America Back on Top, which rejects old orthodoxies and conventional wisdoms and sets an agenda for recovery that calls for a new, improved capitalism in the wake of the crash of 2008 and subsequent economic downturn. The New York Times described it as “provocative and refreshing,” and according to Yale University’s Professor Robert Shiller, The Road from Ruin will be “remembered as a serious, highly readable book of the broadest intellectual scope. Its insights will help all of us reshape the future and enable both citizen and policy maker alike to separate real reform from the grandstanding bluster so prevalent today.”

Bishop is also the author, again with Green, of Philanthrocapitalism, described as “terrific” by The New York Times and called “the definitive guide to a new generation of philanthropists who understand innovation and risk-taking and who will play a crucial part in solving the biggest problems facing the world,” by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. According to former U.S. President Bill Clinton, “This is an important book. Our interdependent world is too unequal, unstable, and, because of climate change, unsustainable. We have to transform it into one of shared responsibilities, shared opportunities, and a shared sense of community. Bishop and Green show us how to do it.”

Bishop also wrote Economics A to Z, the official Economist layperson’s guide to economics and is the author of several of The Economist’s special report supplements, including most recently “The Great Mismatch,” about the future of jobs; “A Bigger World,” which examines the opportunities and challenges of the rise of emerging economies and firms; “The Business of Giving,” which looks at the industrial revolution taking place in philanthropy; “Kings of Capitalism,” an influential analysis of the private-equity industry; and “Capitalism and its Troubles,” an examination of the flaws in the financial system that led to the current crisis.

Prior to the Economist. Before joining The Economist, Matthew was on the faculty of London Business School, where he co-authored three books for Oxford University Press. He has served as a member of the Sykes Commission on the investment system in the 21st Century and was on the Advisors Group of the United Nations International Year of Microcredit 2005. He has been honored as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.


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